Daily Fun Buzz
Daily Fun Buzz


Our National Symbols

A picture is worth a thousand words.Increase your thinking power synergistically when you use Mind Maps,Memorize all our National symbols in one go


Our Festivals

Mind maps are better than text notes, the combination of words and pictures are much optimal for remembering information See the pictures of festivities and memorize the festivals


Carbon & its Compounds

A mind map is a graphical representation of a concept for better understanding and easy to remember.This gives a clear understanding of Carbon and its compounds


Up in the sky

Class room videos explain the lesson. Students can watch these lessons again and again for better understanding.


World around us

Animated videos for primary kids to make it more fun and for better understanding.


Earth and Solar System

Screen captured videos can be watched multiple times until they achieve thoroughness

Math decimal Multiplication worksheet

Decimal Multiplication

Dynamic maths work sheets generated on fly to practice. Can print free worksheets as well as online all maths topics.

Math LCM and HCF worksheet


Not the same numbers in the worksheet it is dynamic every time you print or do it on-line.It challenges the thinking power of the kids

Maths Time reading worksheet

Time Reading

Maths customized worksheets will give a kick-start for more and more practice


True or false

On-line Interactive maths are very exciting to participate, which improves the creativity of the students.


Pick the correct

Interactive Social is a very good brain teaser attracting the child to do more and more


Word Search

Science Interactive sessions are drives the student towards innovative thinking


Question bank 1

All important questions from the lesson, it's always good to take test after you study the lesson.


Question bank 2

We also have a question bank of One word answer,Short and Long answer questions


Question bank 3

Question bank results can be viewed on the dashboard by students,parents and teachers.

Learning Cycle.....Our Approach


Simple guided learning, can customize to suit your own pace. More interactive sessions to actively engage all age groups.


Easy navigation, simple flow from study material to tests. All in one page for each lesson.


Challenges you, to get best out of you. Easy planning for studying and monitoring the progress.


Interactive sessions help in superior analysis.


Various types of questions evaluate the student's performance


Final phase is road to success and excellence

Smart Study

Why Us?


Simple guided learning, can customize on your own pace. More interactive sessions to actively engage all age groups.


Easy navigation, simple flow from study material to tests. All in one page for each lesson.


Challenges you to get best out of you. easy planning with scheduler and monitor the progress.

What we Offer?


Study material includes all the chapters from the text book as well related references from various sources.


Very interesting Interactive and hands on Worksheets. Mind maps gives snapshot of the lessons.


On-line exams to evaluate the understanding of the concept on each lesson.

What our customers say

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Meritpath...Way to Success!

Meritpath provides well organized smart e-learning study material with balanced passive and participatory teaching methodology. Meritpath is on-line e-learning education portal with dynamic interactive hands on sessions and worksheets.